Wednesday thoughts – Do Not Push the Red Button

I reblogged that awesome post from the blog Cute overload, because I wanted to talk to you about NOT pushing the red button. What do I mean by that? ell, welcome to my first Wednesday thoughts – Do not push the red button.

Imagine a situation where you have to pick between two friends. You COULD help them both out, but then you’ll miss your appointment. In this situation, all three look extreme, all three are red buttons in a way which is easily imaginable.

This post is about not getting into such situations. Read on for tips about not reaching extreme situations:

1) Always have a little free time in your time table:    

This is important. Because when you have free-time, you give yourself time to sit and think about your next move in life. Or, more importantly, you give yourself some space in case you get unexpected work.

2) Do what matters:

Or inversely, don’t do what doesn’t matter. Have an important test coming up but your friend calls you up saying he wants you to pick him up and drop him at the mall? Your priority is the test, and the fact is that a normal human being will understand. You must politely say no, otherwise you’ll have to use your free time doing stuff you were supposed to do earlier, which is against rule 1.

3) wake up at the same time everyday:

This is a given. If you wake up really early sometimes, you will naturally do more work on that day, which may leave you feeling that you aren’t working hard enough on normal days. On the other hand, wake up late and you lose not only free time, but also important work time.

4) Spend good time with friends and family:

We all have those days when we’re REALLY free. Its best at this time to spend time with family and friends, getting to know each other and earning respect. So, the next time you get into a tight situation, your friend will trust you enough to respect your decision even if its against him.

5) Don’t prolong free time:

Free time has a maximum of an hour, which is hard to achieve, because everyday is different. If you feel like you have too much time to kill, follow step four or have a skill to sharpen when you are too free.

6) Help yourself:

You need to help yourself and make sure you do a good chunk of your work everyday, so it doesn’t become too much to handle. If this happens, you’ll easily get into a ‘red button’ situation.

7) Help everyone else too:

Helping others isn’t a free time thing, its a real job and a real part of life. Even keeping in touch can help, so one day your friend living on the other side of the world doesn’t suddenly call you up and say that he’s depressed and needs your help, and you have no idea what’s going on. Additionally, do some small chores for family and friends if they are overburdened.

If you follow these tips, people will not only come to respect you, you will also become a full-fledged green-button person. All these tips keep you and friends unburdened. You’ll notice the more you help, the less you’ll be asked. You’ll never get into an extreme situation of picking yourself over somebody else, ’cause you simply won’t have that much to do.

Thank you for reading, thanks to Cute Overload for this epic post.

Cute Overload

Oh noes! SOMEBODY pushed the red button! Fasten your seatbelts!
And prepare for blast-off.

Rocket boosters ignite.

Super jet-pack take-off!

Orbiting the planet.

Reaching for the moon.

Sploosh down!

I pushed the red button!
I pushed the red button!
I pushed the red button!

1. An Inspired Perspective. Image courtesy of Flickr, Melly. 2. Reach for the sky, little ginger cat. Image courtesy of Flickr, Rachel Bowles. 3. Levitating kitty. Image courtesy of Flickr, Alienlebarge. 4. Snapped in Japan, a wonderful setting. Image courtesy of Flickr, Akimasa Harada. 5. Cat plays catch. Image courtesy of Flickr, Manuel Castro. 6. Derpycats 7. It’s Beans! gif by Josh Norem

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Gaming Tuesday: Things you didn’t know about the PS4

“The talk of the gaming community is the PS4 and the XBOX One. However, after a little research, I have found that the PS4 is an obvious online favorite right now. However, thus far I have failed to find a good post answering some questions I had about the PS4. So here’s the PS4: Things you didn’t know.”

  Called ‘Orbis’ before the Sony conference held a month ago, the PS4 is now the most hyped gaming product of 2013. The console has not been revealed yet, but the controller has. I reckon you’ve already read about the controller so I’ll leave that for later. Lets turn to…


1) Whether or not you can play used games ‘isn’t’ confirmed:

            Thats right. XBOX One can’t play second-hand games, however, the PS4 might be able to. Sony earlier said that the PS4 will be able to play second-hand games, however, it has also filed a patent which in a butshell, might mean that the PS4 won’t play used games. Sony has said that they make patents like those but they won’t necessarily use them, and its just useful to have around.

Meanwhile, there is already a campaign to convince Sony to allow second-hand titles.

2) What Sony is doing to focus on ‘sharing’

                   Sony made it clear that they will be adding more features to boost social gaming. What have they done, exactly? Well, for one, a HEADSET WILL BE INCLUDED with the PS4 which will allow players to CHAT online. This is an amazing addition and is welcome.

          The DualShock 4 will have a ‘share’ button as seen in the picture below.Image

According to, the share button will be able to “Share triumphs and accomplishments by streaming live gameplay to Ustream or uploading recorded videos to Facebook.” A step in the right direction.

3) The Dualshock 4: Touchpad and lightbar. 

The touchpad: Something quite bold. Its probably for navigating menus, however, developers can use it for all sorts of things. In Elder Scrolls, it could be used for slashing a sword however you want it, or lockpicking! In shooters, it could be change guns quickly and reload, or quickly sidestep away from fire. It could be used by Third-party developers to develop whole new types of games which use the touchpad only! The possibilities are endless, but what are the chances of this happening? Probably 60%, because otherwise, its definitely gonna make people angry.

 And the light bar in the front of the controller? It shows if you have less health! It flashes when you fire! It might suddenly change colors or flash while playing horror games! It flashes when you’re being attacked! Also, it gives a distinct color to each controller, making it easier for multiplayer games to play. This will probably be used in every game.

So that’s everything I didn’t know before I did some research. Did you know that the controller has a extension slot which might allow some extra widgets to be connected? 

Price is still a dark spot, but will probably be below $550, and above $440. Its competitive, or atleast better than the PS3s pricing.


Thank you for reading! Please comment. Constructive criticism is welcome.

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